Molybdenum metal polished mirrors and optics

Molybdenum Superfine Polished Mirrors

Molybdenum uncoated laser mirrors are ideal for hostile environment applications where frequent cleaning is necessary. This is because they are extremely durable with a hard and scratch-resistant surface. Some of the main benefits of Molybdenum metal mirrors and optics are:

  • Highest optical damage threshold
  • High anti-corrosion stability
  • Hard and extremely scratch-resistant, stable surface with unrestricted cleanability
  • Low absorption and scattering losses: < 2%
  • High thermal conductivity: 138 W/mK
  • High IR reflectivity: > 98%
  • Surface finish: 20/10 scratch/dig; < 20 Angstroms
  • Typical flatness: lambda/2, lambda/4, lambda/10

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